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I am a mother of three and work on a market stall. In my free time I love to make magical miniatures. It all started with my gran who spent hours when I was a child teaching me how to make do. This entailed mending and fixing and making things from scratch. My dolls house consisted of cardboard boxes with windows cut out, beautifully decorated and all furniture hand made. We sat for hours making clothes and accessories for my dolls to the envy of my friends that all had the same generic stuff. So thanks gran for the inspiration. I hope you enjoy my art and my blog. Thanks for visiting.

Saturday, 8 December 2012

The arrival of Belladonna Witchena 2

The door closed behind the princess and she began to feel strange. A tingle slowly worked its way from her toes up and around her body until it reached the very tips of her hair.
Suddenly the princess realized she was hovering slightly above the floor in a haze of golden light.
Her flowing blond hair had turned black and shone like the night sky. If you were to look close enough (and I mean really close) tiny stars twinkled from within.
Her once pink satin gown now replaced by a purple and Gothic in look dress that sat beautifully against her pale skin.
Not only did the princess look different but she felt different too.
The golden glow diminished and her feet once again stood upon the cold bare wooden floor.
Something caught the light from the moon that beamed in through the window, sat beneath the dust in the corner of the room lay a book. The spider emblem that adorned the leather bound book shone out to her from the shadows.
As the princess brushed away the layers of dust and opened the book everything she had once known, everything she had once been was forgotten forever.
The old crones magic from long ago left the pages of the spell book, letters rose from the pages, mixed together, almost danced before her very eyes then became a part of her.
No longer a poor lost princess searching for her way she was now and forever more Belladonna Witchena of Witchcraft Manor.

From here on in keep a look out as I create the real Witchcraft Manor using my dolls house and there will be an introduction to Belladonna Witchena as I bring her to life.

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