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I am a mother of three and work on a market stall. In my free time I love to make magical miniatures. It all started with my gran who spent hours when I was a child teaching me how to make do. This entailed mending and fixing and making things from scratch. My dolls house consisted of cardboard boxes with windows cut out, beautifully decorated and all furniture hand made. We sat for hours making clothes and accessories for my dolls to the envy of my friends that all had the same generic stuff. So thanks gran for the inspiration. I hope you enjoy my art and my blog. Thanks for visiting.

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I love to make magical handmade miniatures.

Saturday, 31 August 2013

My tutorials have moved

Although I only have 1 tutorial at the moment for my 1 in hanging witch I have decided to move it to its own blog where hopefully more will end up being posted.
There are too many posts to look through if you just want a tutorial. So that said here is a link

Coloured hanging witches

You may remember the black and red 7 inch hanging witch I created. Well I decided to do a few more colors after being asked for a yellow and gray, a pink purple and black and a pink one. Didn't get a pic of the pink purple one but ill make another soon. I think they have turned out great and I hope my customers like them. As I put new colors together I will add them to this post. 

Another hanging witch. This time in orange and black. Her hair has a streak of gold.

A yellow and white witch with a fluffy winter top.

Wednesday, 28 August 2013

A caged hanging witch

I decided to cage a 1 inch witch. The cage can be hung from the top. I think i'll make them as sets of six for my shop as christmas tree decorations. The witch is the same design as my kits.


Saturday, 17 August 2013

WINNERS of mini witch kits

As only 4 of you put in for the draw I would feel bad if I just left one of you out! With that said no draw needed and ill send you all a kit. Just for clarity here are your names
Irina Saarenmaki
Tammy Hoffa
Drora Hed
Please email me your details and they will be off to you asap. My email is

Monday, 12 August 2013

GIVEAWAY 1 inch miniature hanging witch kits

To celebrate the on line miniature show that I created the 1 inch miniature witch and kits for I have decided to giveaway 3 kits. The tutorial is here on my blog and is easy to follow.
All you need to do is be a follower of my blog, new or old and post a link from your blog or facebook to my blog  if possible. If you fancy a kit just leave a message so I know you are interested and I will draw 3 winners on the 17th August 2013. Good luck.

If you want to pop over to the mini show use the link below.


Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Miniature seamstresses bits and bobs.

You may remember I made a start on a few things for a seamstress scene. Well I have decided that i'm going to do a haberdashery shop. Using balsa wood I cut out my counter. Shaped, sanded then covered it in handmade pulped paper. Once it had been stuck together I found some pics in a book and used them as boxes to line the counter. I used clear plastic as the top then edged it off with ribbon.
For the legs, feet and handle I used beads. 

To go with the counter I have made a picture using cut out pics of cotton, wool and bobbins etc stuck onto balsa wood covered in handmade paper.

To add some depth to the back of the shop I cut up a pic of a shelf unit and added it to two pieces of balsa wood that I glued together and gave a coat of wood stain to.

I also made a pic using a clear ornate sticker that I stuck to handmade paper, cut out and added a picture I cut out.


Friday, 2 August 2013

3D postcard part 2.

After leaving the glue beneath the clingfilm water for three days to dry it finally worked. I trimmed the excess clingfilm from around the base edge and edged it with blue ribbon. Using the same ribbon I made a little loop so you can hang the postcard or sit it on the side.
To make it look neat I added a flower over the ends. I gave the back and base a blue wash.
I used a couple of really small stones with some moss, the pva and shell mix for barnacles and some tiny bits of dried seaweed to create the rocks and added a starfish I made from clay then painted.
I think it's turned out great.