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I am a mother of three and work on a market stall. In my free time I love to make magical miniatures. It all started with my gran who spent hours when I was a child teaching me how to make do. This entailed mending and fixing and making things from scratch. My dolls house consisted of cardboard boxes with windows cut out, beautifully decorated and all furniture hand made. We sat for hours making clothes and accessories for my dolls to the envy of my friends that all had the same generic stuff. So thanks gran for the inspiration. I hope you enjoy my art and my blog. Thanks for visiting.

Monday, 4 February 2013

Some more stumpy

I have been ill and busy with kids and work so not much time spent on minis. Even so i've managed to get a bit more paint on stumpy and finish the pebbles and the flowers.
As I see it coming together I like it more. 


  1. I really love it! I'm sorry to hear you have been ill. My husband and I have been fighting some kind of bug too and it sure does sap your energy. The mind might want to do something but it is harder to get the body to agree- and you have kids on top of it! I hope you feel better soon ♥

  2. Thanks Kim. Sorry to hear that you have been unwell too. Hope we are all better soon. x